We suffered another sad loss this week, unrelated to Covid. A  wonderful woman, a mother figure, a staple in our lives, started feeling unwell a few months ago. 

A few weeks ago, she was finally admitted to hospital and we discovered she had cancer. Within 2 weeks of this diagnosis, she was gone. 

I’ll admit, I haven’t ever seen such a rapid deterioration. And to be honest, I know this was her choice for this to accelerate so quickly. Our last conversation was about how she felt, with me telling her that we needed her here, and we loved her and she needed to be positive to get through this. She looked right at me and told me tearfully how she could see how traumatized and stressed and worried her family was and that she would not do this to them. Just over a week later, she was gone. 

This was on her terms. 

I respect her for that.

And with this, I need to make sure that, as a tribute to this beautiful, kind hearted, hilarious soul, I remember that is what life is about. To live like each day really is your last. To say eff it and do what makes you happy. This wonderful woman was always ready with a joke and/or food and a glass of wine. I will miss her so very much,

You have the power to control your outcomes in life. This event is proof of that to me and it should be to you as well. I don’t see this as a negative even when a death is involved. We need to respect where we are all at. Some people would see what happened in this situation as someone who gave up. I see someone who loved her family so much, that she made a decision to not delay something that was clearly inevitable. 

Hug your family, love them like God/the universe/whatever or whomever you believe in, intended: Purely, fiercely and unconditionally. Tomorrow is not promised or predictable.

Stay safe all



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