The Club

I devastatingly had a friend lose her son recently after a tragic and freak accident. I am so sad she and her family are experiencing this. While there are no words that will alleviate this type of pain, this blog helps me process these feelings and hopefully provides insights to others on parental loss. The note below is how I am feeling today.

The Club

Come in and sit down in the club, the club that no one wants to join. 

Please don’t take offence when I say I wish you weren’t here.

You see, the cost of joining is too much.

To join me here, you must lose a child.

This club is not one of happiness, but there is a genuine warmth.

There is sadness, but there is also compassion.

So take off your coat, and take this blanket of support and sit with me.

I promise you won’t be judged here, so please speak your mind.

So sit and tell me about it.

In the club that no one wants to join. 

In loving kindness to all that have lost a child and in memory of all of these beautiful children that were taken too soon. I hold you all in my thoughts.



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