Good morning. Today’s post is a little different than normal. I am sharing today that I was approached about a month ago by journalists from CBC’s The National- Chelsea Gomez and Tara Carman. They came across this blog when researching for a series on the lack of a consistent reporting system for maternal death in Canada.

When I saw the message, I had a lot of mixed feelings. Should I do this? CAN I do this? What can I remember (trauma brain).

I of course, immediately talked to Kristina who highly encouraged me to at least speak to these ladies. I took a week to think about it, weighing it out and ultimately decided to speak to them.

I am so so glad I did. These women were amazing at making sure we got things right, that Kayla was honored and that I was ok throughout the process.

I got to tell Kayla’s story, The part of the story that is HARD to think about let alone tell. I shared her very real struggle to get assistance and the lack of doctors really taking it seriously. It was incredibly painful and brought up alot of emotions but, it was also a very liberating thing to do. It has lightened my load a little bit.

Sharing Kayla’s story means she can make a difference for other women

Sharing Kayla’s story means all of this awfulness wasn’t for nothing

Sharing Kayla’s story means HOPEFULLY things in Canada’s health system change.

Sharing Kayla’s story means that if 1 person reads, hears or sees it, that potentially one more woman is saved,

Please take time to read this article below and tune in to the National tonight for my interview.

Thank you for reading, more to come about the process of it all once this airs as it was quite interesting.



2 responses to “Bravery and Full Circle Moments”

  1. Pat Seecharan Avatar
    Pat Seecharan

    I love you honey. Keep Wending your Way for all of us.


    1. pattifarnan Avatar

      Thank you mom. Love you too


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