Meditation has been pivotal in this journey towards healing, light and purpose. I have written about this before because it has been such a HUGE and amazing piece in that puzzle. Meditation puts my spirit back to that calm and rational place that we should all exist within but it also does so so much more!

When I started my daily practice, it was to assist with anxiety that I felt and that overwhelming sadness that my grief and trauma produced. Over time, time it has morphed into manifestation and affirmations and understanding purpose.

Recently I have discovered Sound Mediation. This practice uses multiple tools, like gongs and singing bowls and even the teacher’s voice to amplify your practice. It gets that deep piece of your primal soul reacting and it is fucking amazing,

Today’s post meditation card pull

I have found that it’s been an integral piece in understanding so much. Answering questions such as WHY did all of this things happen to me? It has pushed me to a higher place spiritually and helped me to not be sad anymore, to rid that burden of self blame and to shed that “I am a bereaved parent” stereotype that is out there–that you’re not allowed or expected to be happy and that you should just live within that place of overwhelm and sadness and anger forever.

I have discovered why I am here and what I need to do to light my soul on fire. I cannot tell you what an amazing feeling that is-to truly KNOW.

To be able to visualize all that you want to be and all that you want to do. To not be afraid to just JUMP in. To shed all of the feeling that others will judge you when you choose to chase those dreams.

This blog began as showing my journey of grief and sharing Kayla’s story and has led to so many amazing things.

I will continue to write here and share my experiences and views on mindset as I continue to Wend my Way–with even more focus and mindset tools, manifesting your dreams and goals and helping you live the life you are MEANT to: not in spite of but BECAUSE OF.

I am so excited for this journey we are all on and to help you all see that we CAN live a beautful happy life and have so much in the face of grief and trauma.

Stay tuned.



4 responses to “Purpose”

  1. Patricia Seecharan Avatar
    Patricia Seecharan



  2. Erin Kilgour Avatar
    Erin Kilgour

    You are an amazing inspiration ❤️

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    1. pattifarnan Avatar

      So are you my friend…you have risen above so frigging much 💞


      1. Erin Kilgour Avatar
        Erin Kilgour



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