Happy New Year

Good blessed morning! As I sit here at the start of this beautiful new year..this clean slate, this untouched blanket of snow..the birth of something new and great…I have spent the last 4 hours in mostly silent contemplation.

Contemplating how far I have come. Reflecting on all the amazing lessons I have learned in the last 51 years of life on this earth.

This year I fully commit to applying the lessons I have been so fortunate to learn.

I caught myself smiling..in fact, I am smiling now. I feel good. At peace. Calm. Blessed.

All of this in the face of a month that has taught me the greatest lessons of my life.

Welcome to the birth of Patti 2.0

I commit to shining my light upon the world and doing good things for others with a giant smile on my face.

I commit to sharing my full truth in order to inspire others to share theirs.

My story is long..and complicated. I have been through so much. I could decide to lay down and let it beat me.

Instead…I RISE.

I rise so that I can lift others until they are able to rise on their own.

My life is far from perfect. I am ok with that. I’m not after perfection. I simply want peace, hope and love. Love for me first and then for others. Peace for me first so I can spread that to others. And hope because without hope, life feels shitty.

This is the product of the work…this is where we can all be: free and happy to be me.

Let’s frigging go this year friends. Let’s rip off those bandaids, wash the makeup off our faces and get real gritty with ourselves.

Come do the work with me.



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