Why I truly believe I got Shingles

Good morning friends! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Life has been going really well, my Epicure business is thriving, my full time job is busy, nice weather is coming and I’m doing so much work in therapy.

So how the hell did I end up with SHINGLES? I think it’s the work in therapy. I’ll get to that but first I want to talk about this virus and the last 2 weeks-it’s relevant I promise!!!

Last weekend I just wrapped up a long 2 weeks of online training facilitation and while I love my job and interacting with these new people it’s a lot of energy to be on a video call teaching for 2 weeks! On Saturday I went and helped Kristina with the kids so they could get the attic ready for Reno’s. Then, on the Sunday I hosted an awesome group of ladies at my house to an Epic cooking class, so fun!! Lots to do to get ready!! Next day it was therapy day.

Needless to say that while awesome things were happening, there was a lot of energy being exuded which is a nice way to talk about stressing the body and mind!!

On Monday I woke up with a pretty sore back under my shoulder blade. No big deal I iced it, I foam rolled it and took a Tylenol.

When I say I didn’t sleep that night, I mean I was up a couple of times, not that unusual for someone in their 50’s 🙃

Tuesday the pain was stronger but still felt like it was a muscle strain. Again little sleep that night. The next few nights wash, rinse, repeat.

The pain kept getting worse and started creating anxiety. I couldn’t sleep, focus or workout. I didn’t want to do ANYTHING. Went to chiro, went for a massage and NOTHING helped this pain.

Friday afternoon I started getting a bit of a rash in the sore area but assumed it was from the Lakota I was plastering on myself!!

Then Saturday we had a big Easter dinner here that Mike and I hosted. Super fun but again I was in excruciating pain. After everyone left I tried to sit up with Mike for a bit and just couldn’t do it. Again defeated I went to bed. Mike tried to rub my back and I went through the roof!! Skin was painful to even touch.

After about 3 hours sleep, I noticed my rash was even worse. Mike got up and looked at it and said “Uh oh. I think it’s Shingles. Get to the walk-in ASAP so you can get the antiviral meds”.

Shingles? Really? That’s for OLD people. Apparently not though! Long story not so short it’s absolutely shingles, I’ve averaged a broken 3-4 hours sleep a night and it’s BRUTAL pain. Worse in my opinion even than natural childbirth if you can believe it! Slowly getting better almost 2 weeks in.

The shingles virus impacts people that have had chicken pox. When you have that, the shingles virus remains dormant until it decides to show up “randomly”.

If you’re around someone with chicken pox it can trigger it. If you have direct exposure to someone’s rash it is contagious. Neither of those applied. If you’re stressed it can trigger it. Ok, maybe we are on to something here.

In my life I have had lots of stress but never ended up with shingles 🤔🤔🤔

So what is the deal here?

My theory and it’s a bit out there but makes sense.

In therapy the last few weeks have been focused on using IFS therapy to heal little Protector Part Patti. I will link some IFS information.

My childhood had a lot of wonderful parts but there were a lot of very bad things. And when I imagine Protector Part Patti, she’s about 10 or 11. I have been doing a lot of work with my therapist and on my own to help her understand that my newer stronger self is ok and she can take a break. Huge work and huge breakthrough! It feels amazing to be here.

Right after this session is when the shingles started. Guess how old I was when I had chickenpox?

Yep, in the timeframe of Protector Patti.

I feel this is my body releasing all the shit from then. That it’s been holding down a ton of “sludge” and now it’s letting it go. This to me is the epitome of the Phoenix rising from the flames. imagine the damage holding on to this sludge and gunk could have done to my body had it not been released? Our mind and body connection is amazing and I truly believe that many diseases are caused by unreleased and unresolved emotion.

I recognize this may be out there for some if you. But it is my journey as I wend my way.

What are your thoughts on this topic?



IFS information

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